I earnt £5,000 this month as a VA/PA, and I only worked 15 hours a week! I can show you how with my course….

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I call bullsh*t.

What is with this trend on TikTok where people think they can say they worked 15 hours a week and earned some obscene amount for it?

Do they think we can’t do simple arithmetic? Do they think we can’t work out that £30 an hour over 15 hours a week doesn’t add up to £5,000?

And to the people who think it’s a good idea to “buy a course” from them to “show you how you can to”, you shouldn’t be in business if you can’t see from a mile away that they are talking out their arses.

Yes, I understand, in some circumstances, if you’re extremely specialised in what you offer, you may be charging more and if so, hats off to you. You’d have to be charging out at over £83 an hour to make those sums add up.

But stop advertising to Susan that you can help her do the same if she pays you £2,000 just so you can show her Canva and work that’s available on UpWork.

With the cost of living going through the roof, more people are looking for a side-line business to bring in a bit of extra cash. The likelihood is, as with any business, it’ll take a while before you earn much of anything, so please don’t watch these idiots and think you can start earning that kind of money straight away. I’m not trying to discourage you from becoming a freelance PA or a VA. But do your research;

  • Make sure you understand the average rates charged for the kind of service you’re offering.

  • Make sure you play to your strengths and don’t take on a piece of work just because you think you need to accept everything that comes your way.

  • Make sure you understand that when using certain sites to get work, you’ll be picking up the sh*t that they don’t want to do. So long as you’re happy with that, crack on. But if you want more from the hours you’re giving to it, whether that be the evenings and weekends to bring in extra cash, or that you’re starting this as a full-time business, know that you’re going to get bored of it pretty quickly and will want to find other ways to get more fulfilling work through the door.

I don’t offer courses on “how to do” anything. And I never will.