Lizzie Ward

After having a 1 to 1 with Laura from Red Cloud I had every confidence in utilising her services to assist with a project here at SAS Water, which required a quick turn around to implement a new system for the beginning of 2020.

Laura fitted in really well with our team and quickly understood the work required and after a short induction worked independently, negotiating a complex computer system, followed Risk Assessments and accurately created documents for our engineers to use.

My team are full of praise for the work Laura has undertaken for us. Her work ethic, professionalism and commitment to the work she carried out is clear for all to see. Without this outstanding service, the project would no be in place and being used by our engineers which has made their jobs far more efficient. Thank you Laura!

I can’t recommend Laura’s services highly enough and will be using her in the future, for example, office holiday cover so my office staff do not come back in to work face a backlog of work, which can tarnish holiday.


Lizzie Ward

Managing Director

SAS Water Ltd