Executive Assistants are in more demand than EVER!

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According to the global recruitment business Robert Half, the demand for Executive Assistants has increased by 26% in 2023 so far. As Executive Assistants ourselves, this statistic doesn’t surprise us!

In our initial meeting with a prospective client, we often see a business leader who is overloaded with tasks, with little to no time to focus on the business growth and needs. When they bring us on board, we take the pressure off the business and make immediate impact by providing our services. Seeing this difference in our clients is so rewarding; it’s hard not to be passionate in what we do.

Being an Executive Assistant is NOT bringing an MD their regular coffee order, or taking calls while flicking through a magazine (as commonly misconceived by many, no thanks to the world of Film & TV!) 

Our role carries a myriad of responsibilities. A glimpse into our day can look like being the head of managing a huge project, or planning a nationwide business road trip. 

Having an Executive Assistant MAKES LIFE EASIER

Isn’t this what every Business Owner/Director/MD wants… and needs?

So, the answer to my initial question is – the demand for Executive Assistance is on the rise because we make a significant impact on our client’s business and life. And we’re so proud to be a part of this essential profession!