Overwhelmed business leaders harm their business growth

overwhelmed Director

If I had a pound for every time I asked an MD what their day looks like and they said “it’s meeting after meeting” or “it’s constant firefighting” or “I don’t get half the things I need to done”, I’d be a wealthy woman.

What is it about owning a business that makes you feel like you can’t let go?

You’re holding on to responsibilities that dilute your energy and focus, which should be fully on moving your business forward.

As business owners grow their business, it’s not unusual to wear many hats; from office manager to sales, HR and everything in between.

What should happen is, that when the company reaches the right stage, these responsibilities are moved to someone else. Usually, an expert in that field, whether they be in-house or contracted.

Too often, I’m speaking with MDs who are still far too involved in the day-to-day running of their business. They’re the only decision maker and spend their day working IN their business instead of ON it.

That’s why an Executive Assistant is invaluable.

An EA will filter the distractions.

An EA organises your day in a way that means you get YOUR tasks done, not just the ones that should be with someone else.

An EA will liaise between you and other members of the business and ensure the right people are engaged at the right time.

People sometimes think of an EA as a luxury expense.

Actually, we’re an asset that many businesses suffer from not having.

How much further could you push your business if you had someone by your side to take away all the bits you shouldn’t be doing as an owner/MD/CEO?