Scale without the hassle of employing.

Get an expert team of Executive Assistants that increase capacity, amplify efforts, and drive growth.

We haven't reinvented the wheel... Just how you scale your business.

In the fast-paced world of business, scaling up requires assistance. As an overwhelmed entrepreneur, you need someone to act as a trusted extension, taking on necessary responsibilities while remaining unbiased. Ideally, you need someone who can amplify your efforts, provide additional brainpower, and aid informed decision-making.

However, the hiring process is not only time-consuming but also expensive, with recruitment fees costing thousands of pounds. And in the end, you only get one person, as well as considering additional costs like equipment, pensions, and holiday leave. The expenses keep adding up.

But what if you could have a team of experienced Executive Assistants who have extensive business knowledge and an excellent reputation?

I think you know where this is going…

Red Cloud provides you with a team of Executive Assistants who fulfil all these requirements without the stress and cost of hiring. We are not just the ultimate problem-solvers, we are possibility pursuers, serving as your business partner without you losing any control.

We’ve mastered the art of supporting and connecting with you to positively impact your growth trajectory.

Efficiency with a Personal touch

We don’t just execute... We think, we anticipate, we deliver.

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Custom Portal

Follow our progress and track your work though our custom client portal. All in one place, clear and concise.

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Secure by Design

Working with heavily regulated clients means we're used to handling sensitive material in a secure way.

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No Hourly Rate or Limit

Predictability is key for a growing business. That's why you don't need to worry about us stopping work or charging you extra at the end of the month.

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An Integrated Team Member

We work as a member of your team, liaising with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

It's "why didn't I do this sooner" good!

Successful business owners need a team that’s proactive, can develop strong relationships across your organisation, and constantly seek opportunities to add value. 

Our team provides outside perspective and experience. With our unique vantage point we work with you to understand the intricacies of your business and contribute to it’s success.

With no hidden fees!


Debra Cadman

Cadman HR

 Red Cloud are efficient, take away some of the work that we don't have time to do or the requisite skills to make it look as good as they do. They are a joy to work with, helpful, fun and efficient.

What we don't do for you

We stick to what we’re good at; supporting your operation.

We are not salespeople, we’re not accountants and we are not marketeers. 

We’ll introduce you to our amazing network of trusted professionals for anything outside our zone of genius! 

Over 13500 hours great service already delivered!

One simple price. One primary contact. A team of skilled people behind you all the way.

2 Slots available

Perfect for growing businesses,
larger groups, and companies that want the best.

  • Unlimited Support
  • Access to a Team of Experts
  • One Primary Contact
  • No monthly limit on hours used
  • Access to our Client Portal
  • Access to experts with over 13500hrs of support clocked

Unlimited support just £1800/month*

No per-hour charges. Full expert support for one fixed price.

*plus VAT         

Book A Call

Learn more about how Red Cloud works and how we can help you.

Refer and Earn

Earn 5% reoccurring monthly commission on each referral.

T&Cs apply, contact us for more details.


Daniel De La Cruz


 She immediately gets the problems I have and swiftly finds a good solution, often better than what I had in mind. On top of that Laura is a great communicator, she will always reassure you that everything is under control and update you with the latest on all open tasks.

FAQs Frequently asked questions

Time Management: An Executive Assistant can handle administrative tasks, manage calendars, schedule appointments, and prioritise tasks, allowing you to focus on high-value activities that drive growth and productivity.

Increased Productivity: With an Executive Assistant taking care of routine tasks, you can dedicate your time and energy to strategic decision-making, business development, and core responsibilities, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced Organisation: Executive Assistants excel at organising information, files, and systems, ensuring everything is easily accessible and well-maintained. They can streamline processes, implement effective systems, and keep you on track.

Multitasking and Prioritisation: Executive Assistants are skilled at juggling multiple responsibilities, managing competing priorities, and adapting to changing circumstances. They can handle diverse tasks simultaneously, saving you time.

Access to Expertise: Executive Assistants have diverse skill sets and industry knowledge, making them valuable resources for research, analysis, and specialised support. They can provide insights, make recommendations, and contribute to informed decision-making.

Professional Representation: An Executive Assistant acts as a professional representative, both internally and externally. They can communicate effectively on your behalf, maintain relationships with stakeholders, and ensure a positive image for your business.

Stress Reduction: Delegating tasks and responsibilities to an Executive Assistant helps alleviate the stress and overwhelm associated with managing a growing business. They serve as a reliable support system, allowing you to maintain a better work-life balance.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Executive Assistants are adaptable and can handle unexpected situations or urgent requests effectively. They are resourceful problem solvers who can step in and assist when needed, ensuring smooth operations.

Good question! For starters, hiring someone costs money and time. With Red Cloud, you’re not just getting an assistant, you’re getting a team of professionals with a wide array of skills. You’ll be assigned a primary contact at Red Cloud, but have access to a full team with a wide skillset.

This also means no holiday cover to arrange, no pension contributions and no IT outlay. 

As many as you need. Once you have signed up with us, there is no limit to the number of hours you can use in a month. 

At Red Cloud, we know workload ebbs and flows. You will always have one dedicated point of contact, but when things are to the wire we will scale up the manpower to get it done…without scaling up the costs.

You will be assigned one of our highly skilled individuals as your dedicated point of contact who will ensure all tasks are tackled with efficiency and delivered on time. 

If your designated EA happens to be out of office for any reason, you’ll have a reliable backup who will be happy to assist you. Our Red Cloud team keep each other in the loop & up to date about your work, so no need to worry when you need a job to get done! 

You’ll be given access to our own project management software, enabling you to assign us tasks and track our progress.

If you’d prefer not to use that, no worries! We also use MS Office and Google, so that we can fit into your infrastructure seamlessly using our emails or an inbox assigned to us from your domain.

The choice is yours! Everyone has a preferred method of communicating, so we accommodate that.

We have our project management software that allows you to easily delegate tasks to your Executive Assistant. Otherwise, if you’d prefer a good old fashioned email or a chat on the phone, we’re happy to do that too. Whatever suits you best!

So, you’ll warm intro someone that needs us. If they sign up, you’ll get 5% of their monthly fee as a commission from month two of their contract, for the entire length of their contract. That’s passive income!

There is no limit to the number of referrals so long as they become clients. But of course, we want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. So, if for any reason it’s not the right match or our books are closed, no commission will be paid out. Sorry!

T&Cs apply, speak to us to find out more. 

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